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Newcastle Football (3-6-05)
I have long been a fan of Alan Price's music and am curious about his connection, if any, to the Newcastle football club in the English Premier League. Some years ago I recall reading that Alan was a part owner of the club. I am wondering if there is any truth to this story, and if he still has a formal connection to the club. Incidentally, I look forward to the stage production of O Lucky Man, I would certainly make a trip from California to London to see it and also look forward to a double CD set of O Lucky Man.
Best wishes,
Richard C

Based on a True Story (2-27-05)
Dear Alan,
Having enjoyed your music for as long as I can remember, I came along to see you for the first time a couple of years ago at Fleetwood (the back of beyond by the sea!). I really enjoyed the evening, and afterwards asked if you had a website -- at that time you said that you hadn't, so I was very pleased to find this whilst looking at various sites to see if you were on anywhere. You've been very elusive!! That evening I bought the above mentioned CD (Based On A True Story). I don't wish to sound over-damatic, but I really do want to say that many of those songs have meant a lot and have helped calmed me down through some very bad times. I don't normally write e-mails like this, but I just felt I had to. Many thanks. I am looking forward to seeing you in Bury on Easter Saturday.
Best Wishes,

Coming to New York? (1-26-05)
Dear Alan,
i've got some two disc set of your work on my iPod using Apple's lossless encoder and you sound magnificent! I'd only known your work from O Lucky Man, when I happened upon this set on Your range is dazzling, your arrangements as fresh as ever and your songs are powerful and rousing. Come to New York or New Jersey soon, PLEASE!
Mark W

Great Website! (12-19-04)
Dear Webmaster,
Having just visited this website for the first time I wanted to write to say it's fantastic! I found out lots of interesting things I didn't know about Alan Price. I am seeing him in concert in March and really looking forward to it. Thanks for all the work to make this site so great!
L Blake

Alan's Backing Band? (12-14-04)

Can you tell me who (if anybody) Alan will be performing with in the January tour? Also is there likely to be a support act in the first half? Keep up the good work!!

Our Reply:
All concerts are without 'support' unless otherwise stated. In The US many call it 'two shows' but, in fact, it's an approximate 2-hour concert with a 20 minute interval. We don't bill Alan's band members because it will vary from time to time, depending upon the content of the show. After all, it IS (presumably) Alan Price that they come to see!
~ Vic Gibbons, Cromwell Management

PLEASE Help Me Find a Track (12-3-04)

I have been desperately trying to find a particular AP track that I heard in the late seventies. It was an album track, VERY dark and bluesy with Alan testifying on the Hammond. I mean really going mad for minutes on end. The only lyric I can remember is "such a lonely human being what I am" or some such. It truely is among the greatest recorded Hammond solos of all time. I am very keen to get hold of a copy of the album, but most sites have not been at all helpful. I think that the title and my bit of lyric may not match up. If you can help I would be eternally grateful. Excellent site.
Best regards,
J Mackie

Our Reply:
Dear J,
The song you are seeking is called You're Telling Me and it is on the Between Today And Yesterday CD. I agree that it is one of the best blues recordings ever made (along with I Put A Spell On You). If you like that one, you would probably also enjoy Fools Gold on Alan's Metropolitan Man CD, as it contains some more great organ playing. You can probably purchase the above mentioned CD(s) through our website store...sometime it is available through and sometimes it isn't. Alan plans to make copies of Between Today and Yesterday available directly through the website, but I don't know exactly when this is going to happen...probably not until after the holidays. I'm glad I could answer your question and when you do get the CD, happy listening!
~ Webmaster

From a French Fan (12-2-04)
Thanks for this serious and remarkable website, which I was waiting for a long time. And sorry that Alan never wanted to play in France, where his great melodist talent would be certainly appreciated and rediscovered.
Yves Le Grix

Thank You (10-29-04)
I am hugely grateful to find, after years of checking, a website that will allow me to keep abreast of Mr. Price's touring schedule. I will plan a trip to the UK within the next 6 months (God willing) for the express reason of seeing him in concert. Such a welcome surprise for a Friday evening! Many, many thanks!!!!!!
Stay Safe,
D Smith, Washington, USA

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